The vision that drives us.

Our mission

We want to expedite the transition of the global composites industry to a more cost- and energy-efficient future and to help previously untouched markets adapt advanced lightweight material technology.
To achieve these goals, we want to redefine the limits of cycle time and laminate quality encountered in large scale composites production and provide recyclable material preforms for processes currently bound to thermosets.

From an idea to its realization

It started with a simple thought. If trying to fill the gaps between fibres with plastic is difficult, why don’t we reverse the problem? We started coating fibres with plastic – individually at first, then with multiple filaments in parallel, and finally in-line with glass spinning. In 2020, Antefil kicked off as a technology transfer project to bring this technology to market and establish a new standard in composites production.

Innovative, pragmatic, and experienced.


They say it takes a village to raise a child. The same goes for startups and supporting ecosystems are essential for their success. Antefil has received such support and recognition at many stages throughout its development, from its early days at ETH Zurich over national competitions to a global stage.

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