Microengineered hybrid fibres

for lightweight structures.

What are hybrid fibres?

The fastest, most affordable, scalable, and high-quality solution for the production of energy-efficient lightweight structures. Hybrid fibres are glass reinforcement fibres which are individually coated with a meltable, recyclable plastic.
They provide all the material needed to produce lightweight composites in a perfect mix – at a level thinner than human hair.

61% of advanced composites contain unrecyclable resins. We work to provide better solutions.

Antefil in brief

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Impact across industries

Some applications require tens of thousands of the same component per year. Others require the manufacture of a single structure which is 80 meters in length or more. Some are struggling when it comes to combining high quality with the properties of affordable materials. What unites them is the same bottleneck – just at different stages in the value chain.
Our hybrid fibres are a direct replacement solution which completely avoids that bottleneck.

Our story

Producing energy-efficient lightweight structures quickly, in high volume, at low cost and a net zero footprint is an enourmous challenge. We help manufacturers to achieve this by cutting the bottleneck process out of the composites value chain. It started with a simple idea in a lab at ETH Zurich. What if we stopped trying to infuse textiles with a liquid resin? What if instead, every single fibre already contributed its part of the plastic? That was the start of our journey.

Designed with circularity in mind

About 61% of continuous fibre-reinforced plastics are made using unrecyclable resins. Those who try to recycle such materials focus on recovering the fibres. The vast majority of products are landfilled or incinerated at the end of life.
There is a better solution: meltable, soluble, recyclable thermoplastics. They remained largely inaccessible or were too expensive to process for many composites manufacturers. Until now.

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