Serpentine Ventures’ Rookie Fund invests into cleaner and more affordable composites production

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Serpentine Ventures has funded Antefil’s mission to help transform the composites industry towards more a cleaner and more cost-efficient production of lightweight structures. The team has joined the impressive portfolio of startups supported by Serpentine’s Rookie Fund, a Super Angel fund dedicated to “invest in the most attractive pre-seed technology ventures in Switzerland through a transparent and systematic approach”.

Both teams are looking forward to working together more closely, bring Antefil’s hybrid fibre technology to market and lead the establishement of a new standard in composites production!

About Serpentine Ventures

Serpentine Ventures AG is a fully owned subsidiary of Swiss Startup Group AG. The dedicated unit offers exclusive access to venture capital investments, unlocking new opportunities in the early-stage venture asset class.

There is no straight way to success

Serpentine is the word for the winding roads found all accross the Swiss Alps. Following the serpentine path makes unreachable mountain peaks accessible. In the startup journey, it is key to take the right turns.

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